Inspirational Quotations #147

The most damaging phrase in the language is:
It’s always been done that way.
Grace Hopper

Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy.
Dale Carnegie

Never cut what you can untie.
Joseph Joubert

When you are in a state of nonacceptance,
it’s difficult to learn.
A clenched fist cannot receive a gift,
and a clenched psyche grasped tightly against the reality of
what must not be accepted cannot easily receive a lesson.
John Roger

The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows wither he is going.
David Starr Jordan

Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
John Lubbock

A rising tide lifts all boats.
John F. Kennedy

Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things.
Peter Drucker

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