The Legacy of Infosys’ Narayana Murthy

Mr. N R Narayana Murthy, executive chairman of Bangalore-based Infosys Technologies, retired today on his sixtieth birthday. He was one of the six founders who started Infosys [INFY] with a small investment of Rs. 10,000 and nurtured the organization to a world-class company currently valued at Rs. 50,000 crores ($10.75 billion).

A shareholder describes Infosys' achievements at a Shareholders' Meeting in Bangalore (Dec '04)
Caption: A shareholder describes Infosys’ achievements at a Shareholders’ Meeting in Bangalore (Dec ’04)

Globally, Mr. Murthy is a widely-admired business leader. Much has been written about his background, discipline and his ‘simple living, high thinking’ philosophy. His biggest legacy will be the dreams and confidence his company’s success has fostered in a whole generation of middle-class India. In creating a highly respected, world-class company that provides top quality services and adopts best management practices from around the world (a strong corporate brand, transparency in operations and financial reporting, sharing wealth, best training practices,) his team has offered a blue-print for entrepreneurial success in the new economy.

Mr. Murthy will transit into the role of a non-executive chairman at Infosys. His retirement will enable him to expand his endeavors with various institutions, viz., administrative (India, Thailand, United Nations Foundation), financial (RBI, DBS, SEBI), educational (IIM-A, IIIT, Cornell, Wharton, Singapore Management University) and corporate (NDTV, TiE). He is widely rumored to be nominated to the role of the President of India. He has himself expressed an interest in being designated the Ambassador of India to the United States. We should hope to continue hearing his ideas on various fronts. He may author a book or two on management practices in the global economy or the story of Infosys.

Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Murthy.


  1. Hemanth Kadambi says

    This piece is very inspiring indeed. It brings out the spirit of N R Narayanamurthy very well. It is only fitting that a personality such as his should inculcate in all of us a sense of pride, humility and an ethic towards reaching our goal with hard work and persistence.
    Will wait to read more later!

  2. Saeed Ahmed Ansari says

    I inspired by Sir. Narayana Murthy, so much that it helps me to become the good professional and good human being .

  3. Aditi Sripati says

    i am doing an assignment on a leader and this site helped me so much!
    thank you! Mr Narayana Murthy is truely legendary.

  4. T.Sankar says

    I am greatly inspired by IT guru Mr.Narayana Murthy.His ideas,thoughts and experiences have to be compiled and should be distributed across the globe.It would be very useful to make the people to become a visionary leaders.

  5. Gokul Prem Kumar says

    You are truly inspirational. Your legacy will be remembered forever as a great entrepreneur that India has given birth to. I wish you could be appointed as an Ambassador to the United States. I admire your attitude of simplicity.

  6. Rahul says

    Good to see these opening lines and comments.

    Companies like Infosys and People like Mr. Murthy have done their piece of contribution in eradicating snake-charmer, cattle-in-cities and poverty-full picture of India. Today the developed world looks at our engineering and analytical skills. We the younger generation should thank Murthys, Ramadorais and Premjis of India for their valuable contribution in prototyping “Project India”. It is now our responsibility to build the product based on this prototype!

  7. Meganadha Reddy K. says

    We are proud to have such a great person. Mr. Murthy is really inspiration for young Indians. We admire your simplicity. Infosys a dream company for many.

  8. B.S.VENKATESH says

    Dear Murthyji, You are an epitome for Indian face. I could see Swami Vivekananda in you and in your action. I want every Indian to look at you once and inculcate your ethics, dedication, commitment, self respect, self dignity and so many inexplicable values. An idiom goes like this-Great minds think alike…My entity merges with you…….B.S.Venkatesh

  9. arun says

    I am one of the deeply inspired by him.a principle driven life,hard working attitude this man changed the way of buissiness propagation.the values held must be cherished through out every aspect of management and business.a living example for walking along your instinct and visionary.words cant describe many things.he practised those values and leads a good life.may this great man’s tale spread across creating changes in every mind..

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