Looking for Important Skills to Develop?

Looking for Important Skills to Develop

Whether you need to take on a new challenge, prepare yourself to become promotable, or enhance your performance at work, undertaking learning and development can help. You must continually be on the lookout for new talents to add to the vast fund of knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years and add to the reservoir of experiences from which to draw.

Some skills are critical to your success throughout your career and life. Chris Anderson recently suggested a set of vital topics that must be taught in school. Anderson is the founder and curator of the Ideas-Worth-Spreading TED conferences.

Chris Anderson propunds a “Syllabus of the Future”

  • How to nurture your curiosity.
  • How to Google intelligently and skeptically.
  • How to manage your money.
  • How to manage your time.
  • How to present your ideas.
  • How to make a compelling online video.
  • The secret life of a girl.
  • The secret life of a boy.
  • How to build a healthy relationship.
  • How to listen.
  • How to calm an argument.
  • Who do you want to be?
  • How to train your brain to be what you want to be.
  • 100 role models for the career you hadn’t thought of.
  • How to think like a scientist.
  • Why history matters.
  • Books that changed the world.
  • Why personal discipline is key to future success.
  • How your reflective self can manage your instinctual self.
  • How to defend the rights of people you care about.
  • 10 hours with a kid on the other side of the world.
  • The keys to a healthy diet.
  • Why exercise matters.
  • How generosity creates happiness.
  • How immersion in nature eases stress.
  • What are the questions no one knows the answer to?

Use his “Syllabus of the Future” list to evaluate your needs in development and educate yourself in a few selected topics. Design a development plan involving regular discussions, reading articles and books, watching instructional videos, attending courses offered by a professional association, and observing and apprenticing with a mentor proficient in the skill you seek.

Inspirational Quotations #555

First health, then wealth, then pleasure, and do not owe anything to anybody.
Catherine II of Russia

Your best teacher is your last mistake.
Ralph Nader

Vigilance in watching opportunity; tact and daring in seizing upon opportunity; force and persistence in crowding opportunity to its utmost of possible achievement — these are the martial virtues which must command success.
Austin Phelps

A man doesn’t begin to attain wisdom until he recognizes he is no longer indispensable.
Richard Evelyn Byrd

After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.
Aristotle Onassis

I have been true to the principles of nonviolence, developing a stronger and stronger aversion to the ideologies of both the far right and the far left and a deeper sense of rage and sorrow over the suffering they continue to produce all over the world.
Joan Baez

Success is the satisfaction of feeling that one is realizing one’s ideal.
Anna Pavlova

You begin by always expecting good things to happen.
Tom Hopkins

Nothing else can quite substitute for a few wellchosen, welltimed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.
Sam Walton

All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties.
Charles William Eliot

Thinking begins only when we have come to know that reason, glorified for centuries, is the stiff-necked adversary of thought.
Martin Heidegger

My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects.
Robert Maynard Hutchins

Gandhi on the Doctrine of Ahimsa + Non-Violence in Buddhism

Non-Violence in Buddhism

“Thou shalt not kill.” This command forbids committing murder—specifically slaying a fellow human. The seventh of the Torah’s Ten Commandments (the Decalogue) allows for the execution of animals.

Non-Violence in Buddhism This specific tenet can be interpreted as comparatively lenient, even indulgent, compared to the mainstream Hinduism and the derivative Jain and Buddhist philosophies. Within these contexts, non-violence is a fundamental building block of ethics. Naturally, this idea of refraining from cruelty proscribes murder, but it also surpasses that guideline. In fact, practicing pacifism deters all varieties of violence against any sentient being, be it a human or an animal. Under the rule of non-violence, these creatures are protected from aggression, hostility, cruelty, sadism, and savagery—all unacceptable forms of conduct.

In accordance with the concept of anatta (the idea of there being no self,) Buddhism teaches us that, should we cling to the illusion of possessing autonomous ‘selves,’ we will fail to fully comprehend non-violence. Upon removal of the sense of the individual self, inflicting damage on another in turn damages the perpetrator. Should you inflict violence upon another, you too will suffer its effects.

Gandhi on the Doctrine of Ahimsa

Violence is the utmost form of asserting oneself over another. An alternative to aggression is Ahimsa or non-violence. This peaceful method was recognized as an entirely credible ethical code when Gandhi adopted it. He took up non-violence in his struggle against injustice and oppression, first as a peace leader in South Africa and then as the leader of India’s independence movement. Gandhi’s own definition of Ahimsa is as follows:

'Mahatma Gandhi: Essays and Reflections on His Life and Work' Edited by S. Radhakrishnan (ISBN 1553940261) Literally speaking, Ahimsa means “non-killing.” But to me it has a world of meaning, and takes me into realms much higher, infinitely higher. It really means that you may not offend anybody; you may not harbor an uncharitable thought, even in connection with one who may consider himself to be your enemy. To one who follows this doctrine there is no room for an enemy. But there may be people who consider themselves to be his enemies. So it is held that we may not harbor an evil thought even in connection with such persons. If we return blow for blow we depart from the doctrine of Ahimsa. But I go farther. If we resent a friend’s action, or the so-called enemy’s action, we still fall short of this doctrine. But when I say we should not resent, I do not say that we should acquiesce: by the word “resenting” I mean wishing that some harm should be done to the enemy; or that he should be put out of the way, not even by any action of ours, but by the action of somebody else, or, say, by divine agency. If we harbor even this thought we depart from this doctrine of Non-Violence.

Source: ‘Mahatma Gandhi: Essays and Reflections on His Life and Work’ edited by S. Radhakrishnan

Inspirational Quotations #554

I never see failure as failure, but only as the game I must play and win.
Tom Hopkins

No one can arrive from being talented alone. God gives talent; work transforms talent into genius.
Anna Pavlova

Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.
Joe Paterno

Because you’re able to do it and because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean it’s right to do it.
Laura Schlessinger

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.
A. A. Milne

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.
Jonas Salk

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
Audrey Hepburn

Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one.
Martin Heidegger

All that I am my mother made me.
John Quincy Adams

Now that I am ninety-five years old, looking back over the years, I have seen many changes taking place, so many inventions have been made. Things now go faster. In olden times things were not so rushed. I think people were more content, more satisfied with life than they are today. You don’t hear nearly as much laughter and shouting as you did in my day, and what was fun for us wouldn’t be fun now…. In this age I don’t think people are as happy, they are worried. They’re too anxious to get ahead of their neighbors, they are striving and striving to get something better. I do think in a way that they have too much now. We did with much less.
Grandma Moses

Viktor Frankl on The Meaning of Suffering

Viktor Frankl, Austrian Existential Psychiatrist

The Austrian existential psychiatrist Viktor Frankl suggested that, generally, the need for meaning is a crucial force in people, from the time we’re born until our last breath. He continued to feel this way when his family was murdered by the Nazis and he himself was sent to Auschwitz. Frankl frequently quoted Friedrich Nietzsche’s remark that “he who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”

In “Mans’ Search for Meaning”, Frankl describes suffering as a potential springboard both for having a need for meaning and for finding it:

We must never forget that we may also find meaning in life even when confronted with a hopeless situation, when facing a fate that cannot be changed. For what then matters is to bear witness to the uniquely human potential at its best, which is to transform a personal tragedy into a triumph, to turn one’s predicament into a human achievement. When we are no longer able to change a situation—just think of an incurable disease such as inoperable cancer—we are challenged to change ourselves.

'Man's Search For Meaning' by Viktor Frankl (ISBN 0671023373) Frankl also suggests that the one freedom allowed in us, irrespective of our circumstances, including his horrid subjugation at a Nazi concentration camp, is the freedom to pick our way of thinking in accepting our suffering. This might mean that meaning can be found in becoming a role model for others dealing with similar problems, or utilizing our suffering as a channel for changing for the better in particular aspects of our lives:

It is one of the basic tenets of logotherapy that man’s main concern is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see a meaning in his life. That is why man is even ready to suffer, on the condition, to be sure, that his suffering has a meaning.

Frankl’s story is worth the read: (1) as a reminder of the depths and heights of human nature, and the nature of hopes and despairs that rule our existence, (2) for the idea that life is primarily about the search for meaning and the kinds of choices we can make to establish significance in our lives (logotherapy technique.)

Inspirational Quotations #553

“Come to the edge,” he said. They said, “We are afraid.” “Come to the edge,” he said. They came. He pushed them … and they flew!.
Guillaume Apollinaire

Whatever the job you are asked to do at whatever level, do a good job because your reputation is your resume.
Madeleine Albright

Outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.
Sam Walton

The place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise.
Robert S. Johnson

Time is like the wind, it lifts the light and leaves the heavy.
Domenico Cieri

Bring the past only if you are going to build from it.
Domenico Cieri

No one has ever said it, but how painfully true it is that the poor have us always with them.
Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)

Map out your future, but do it in pencil.
Jon Bon Jovi

Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.
Carrie Chapman Catt

The man who does his work, any work, conscientiously, must always be in one sense a great man.
Dinah Craik

People are constantly clamoring for the joy of life. As for me, I find the joy of life in the hard and cruel battle of life — to learn something is a joy to me.
August Strindberg

Winter, spring, summer or fall|All you have to do is call|And I’ll be there,|You’ve got a friend.
Carole King

I got a simple rule about everybody. If you don’t treat me right — shame on you!
Louis Armstrong

The essence of morality is the subjugation of nature in obedience to social needs.
John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn

Inspirational Quotations #552

A highbrow is the kind of person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso.
A. P. Herbert

There is timing in the whole life of the warrior, in his thriving and declining, in his harmony and discord. Similarly, there is timing in the Way of the merchant, in the rise and fall of capital. All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.
Miyamoto Musashi

To believe all men honest would be folly. To believe none so, is something worse.
John Quincy Adams

The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.
A. A. Milne

You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.
A. A. Milne

If we do not succeed, then we run the risk of failure.
Dan Quayle

The most important of my discoveries have been suggested to me by my failures.
Humphry Davy

One does not always do the best there is. One does the best one can.
Catherine II of Russia

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.
B. K. S. Iyengar

It will never be possible by pure reason to arrive at some absolute truth.
Werner Heisenberg

I am a leader by default, only because nature does not allow a vacuum.
Desmond Tutu

Truth is truth. If you hurt someone, you hurt self. If you help someone, you help self.
Marlo Morgan

Inspirational Quotations #551

Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.
Miyamoto Musashi

If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters, they might write all the books in the British Museum.
Arthur Eddington

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
Laura Schlessinger

The aim of flattery is to soothe and encourage us by assuring us of the truth of an opinion we have already formed about ourselves.
Edith Sitwell

Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things.
Dan Quayle

Books worth reading once are worth reading twice; and what is most important of all, the masterpieces of literature are worth reading a thousand times.
John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn

It’s not what you take but what you leave behind that defines greatness.
Howard Gardner

Perhaps we should comprehend these things better were it not for the persistence of the superstition that human beings habitually think. There is no more persistent superstition than this. Linn
Nicholas Murray Butler

Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one.
Nikolai Berdyaev

I have never believed that the critic is the rival of the poet, but I do believe that criticism is a genre of literature or it does not exist.
Harold Bloom

He didn’t reject the idea so much as not react to it and watch as it floated away.
David Foster Wallace

Nature, in her most dazzling aspects or stupendous parts, is but the background and theater of the tragedy of man.
John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn

Inspirational Quotations #550

Having imagination, it takes you an hour to write a paragraph that, if you were unimaginative, would take you only a minute. Or you might not write the paragraph at all.
Franklin Pierce Adams

Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.
Dorothea Brande

Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.
Jonas Salk

When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do.
Jimi Hendrix

Listen to everything, forget much, correct little.
Pope John XXIII

It is the customer, and the customer alone, who casts the vote that determines how big any company should be…. The regulations laid down by the consuming public are far more potent and far less flexible than any code of law, merely through the exercise of the natural forces of trade.
Crawford Greenewalt

When I have been listened to and when I have been heard, I am able to re-perceive my world in a new way and to go on. It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens, how confusions that seem irremediable turn into relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard. I have deeply appreciated the times that I have experienced this sensitive, empathic, concentrated listening.
Carl Rogers

Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: (1) It’s completely impossible. (2) It’s possible, but it’s not worth doing. (3) I said it was a good idea all along.
Arthur C. Clarke

Inspirational Quotations #549

When things are perfect, that’s when you need to worry most.
Drew Barrymore

It is said that God gave us memory so we could have roses in winter. But it is also true that without memory we could not have self in any season. The more memories you have, the more you have. That is why, as Swift said, “No wise man ever wished to be younger.”
George Will

The creative urge is the demon that will not accept anything second rate.
Agnes de Mille

He who has learnt to control his tongue has attained self-control in a great measure. When such a person speaks he will be heard with respect and attention. His words will be remembered, for they will be good and true. When one who is established in truth prays with a pure heart, then things he really needs come to him when they are really needed: he does not have to run after them. The man firmly established in truth gets the fruit of his actions without apparently doing anything. God, the source of all truth, supplies his needs and looks after his welfare.
B. K. S. Iyengar

The man who lives by himself and for himself is likely to be corrupted by the company he keeps.
Charles Henry Parkhurst

When people grow gradually rich their requirements and standard of living expand in proportion, while their present-giving instincts often remain in the undeveloped condition of their earlier days. Something showy and not-too-expensive in a shop is their only conception of the ideal gift.
Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)