White poppy seeds, spices and freshly rasted cashews immered in greek yoghurt and fresh whole cream

    Butter Chicken $14.95

    Butter Paneer and Vegetables $14.95

Roasted chillies in vinager cooked over slow fire in a spicy pomodoro turned gravy with potatoes spears makes for a fiery hot and tangy curry

    Vindaloo Lamb $16.95

    Vindaloo Chicken $14.95

    Vindaloo King Fish $16.95

An exquisite mouthwatering coconut curry, oven roasted chillies, tomatoes and onions cooked to perfection releasing the spices of our madras sauce

    Madrasi Lamb $16.95

    Madrasi Chicken $14.95

    Madrasi King Fish $16.95

Spinach and whole cream simmered with aromatic spices in a caramalized tomato and onion masala

    Saag Prawn $18.95

    Saag Lamb $16.95

    Saag Chicken $14.95

A wonderful spice masala simmered in a mince of onions, garlic and ginger, thickened with a blend of pan roasted chillies and tomatoes

    Curry Lamb $16.95

    Curry Chicken $14.95

    Curry King Fish $16.95

    Curry Prawn $18.95

    Chicken Tikka Masala $14.95

    Lamb Roganjosh $16.95

    Sweet Chilly and Garlic Prawns $18.95

    Butter Paneer $14.95

    Aloo Gobi $13.95

    Eggplant $13.95

    Bhindi Aloo $13.95

    Aloo Channa Masala $13.95

    Matter Aloo Paneer $14.95

    Saag Paneer $14.95

House Blend

    Coffee $2.95

    Kusmi Tea 1867 $2.95

    Earl Grey $2.95

    Kashmiri Chai $2.95

    Jasmine Green $2.95

    Verbena $2.95

    Russian no 24 $2.95

    Anastasia $2.95

    Indian Masala Chai $2.95

    Coffee $2.95

    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Gingerale, Ice Tea 1.95

    Sparkling Water 2.95

    Still Water $2.25

    Mango Lassi $4.95

    Salty Lassi $4.95

    Sweet Lassi $4.95

    Mango Juice $2.95

    Cranberry Juice $2.95

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