25 Ways to Instantly Become a Better Boss

Become a Better Boss

Bad management is not usually a result of bosses not knowing what to do to manage better. Rather, it stems largely from bosses not putting conventional managerial skills into practice. Little wonder, then, that despite the billions that organizations pour into managerial training, instances of shoddy management abound.

Here are a few simple and specific actions you can take now to become an effective boss.

  1. Smile more
  2. Appreciate more, judge less
  3. Compliment openly; critique and correct in private
  4. Don’t worry about who gets credit; give credit where due
  5. Give feedback now; don’t wait until the next performance review
  6. Reiterate employees’ strengths and make them feel smarter
  7. Get rid of busy work
  8. Simplify work and encourage expediency
  9. Establish deadlines and stick with them
  10. Organize employees’ time and priorities
  11. Explain what needs to be done and get out of the way
  12. Avoid giving conflicting orders
  13. Find the time to listen to your employees and follow-up
  14. Recognize the small picture
  15. Seek to understand what inhibits employee effectiveness
  16. Give employees adequate latitude
  17. Fix problems, not blames
  18. Encourage mistakes; own up to your mistakes
  19. Standup for your employees
  20. Encourage participation in decision-making
  21. Be tough-minded, not mean
  22. Do not play favorites; discourage sucking up
  23. Be accessible and friendly, yet consistent and objective
  24. Earn respect; don’t demand deference
  25. Attempt to influence by persuasion, not by wielding authority


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