Inspirational Quotations #296

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know
what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.
Lee Iacocca

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul—and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.
Emily Dickinson

Some men have thousands of reasons why
they cannot do what they want to,
when all they need is one reason why they can.
Willis R. Whitney

Each of us is given a pocketful of time to spend however we may. We use
what we will. We waste what we will. But we can never get back a day.
Roger Wilcox

Working hours are never long enough. Each day is a holiday, and ordinary holidays are grudged as enforced interruptions in an absorbing vocation.
Winston Churchill

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.
Leo Buscalia

The life that is unexamined is not worth living.

The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action.
Jean-Baptiste Andre Godin

High station in life is earned by the gallantry with
which appalling experiences are survived with grace.
Tennessee Williams

A challenge gives you the opportunity to flex your spiritual muscles.

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