Working Exercise into a Busy Day

Ways to Work Exercise into a Busy Day

The benefits of physical activity and exercise are well known: reduced risk of chronic diseases, lower stresses, increased physical fitness, improved sleep, greater self-confidence, etc. However, incorporating physical activity into our demanding schedules can be very challenging.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal offered five great guidelines to help include exercise into a busy day. See the full article here.

  1. Exercise early in the morning. Typically, after work, you’re hungry, exhausted and you have family obligations. Exercising early in the morning can give a great energy boost.
  2. Stay close to home or office for convenience. If possible, possess exercise equipment at home.
  3. Mix exercise with family time. For instance, ask family or friends to join you in the morning-walks; this will help you stay motivated.
  4. Do a weekend workout. The weekend offers two days of opportunity.
  5. Stay active during the day. Mix exercise into your daily activities.

Call for Action

benefits of physical activity and exercise With the help of a physician or a personal trainer, choose activities that are appropriate for your fitness level and your goals. Be realistic in what you can achieve. Schedule exercise in your calendar.

Make the most of small bits of time that become available during the day. Take the stairs instead of an elevator; park your car as far as possible in the parking lot and walk into your office; take a quick walk around your office building when you need a break from work.

Take time out–do not exercise every day. Regular breaks allow for recovery and return to exercise with renewed vigour.

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